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APTIAir Pollution Training Institute
APTIARCO (Atlantic Richfield Oil Company) Power Technologies, Inc.
APTIAssociation for Preservation Technology International
APTIAmerican Post Tension, Inc. (formerly Magic Communications, Inc.; pay phones)
APTIAdvanced Power Technology, Inc. (Setauket, NY)
APTIAssociation of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India (est. 1966; Bangalore, India)
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APTI also supports state, local, and tribal programs through special course and workshop offerings and through the development of internal training programs.
APTI was formed in 1994 when KSKA merged with public television station KAKM.
With the advent of the commercial marketing effort, APTI is positioned to ship its products nationwide for installation by other contractors.
As of the opening of the market on today's date, the company will be trading under its new symbol, APTI.
APTI was founded on the West Coast and, simultaneously, STAR was established as a division of the U.
Nominations from both APTI and STAR will be solicited for individuals to serve on an Advisory Board.
Officers and board members provide the backbone of APTI, contributing their expertise and resources to help APTI obtain its mission: "To promote the growth of the premium tea industry, and to provide a working resource for its members by: establishing a forum for research, discussion and education about premium tea; supporting awareness and sensitivity toward earth-friendly tea practices; and dedicating ourselves to increase the appreciation, understanding and consumption of premium tea in America.
Just as the SCAA promotes and educates the industry about what must be done in order to serve quality coffee and be successful doing it, APTI concerns itself with education regarding tea and its potential as a 'hot' business category.
Coffee Fest provided APTI with the opportunity to promote premium tea through a series of lectures and educational seminars, conducted in the theater beside the institute's booth.
We spoke with Wendy Rasmussen, executive director of APTI, to learn more about this much-needed organization.
With Motorola test results being accepted by the Semiconductor Industry in the Silicon Valley it has allowed APTI to proceed with 30 and 60 day pilot programs.
tea association is being formed for the premium tea quality market on the West Coast -- APTI.