APTMSAsia Pacific Travel Marketing Services (Australia)
APTMSAdvanced Public Transport Management System (Johannesburg Roads Agency; South Africa)
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The larger size and the more polar character of the GPTMS and APTMS silsesquioxane structures may allow for less restrictive deposition of oligomers on the particle surface (the silanols are known to condense extensively with each other and with other methoxy groups to produce dimers and larger oligomers (64)) due to the hydrophilic character of the organic group.
5, spectrum c) than for the particles coated with MTMS or APTMS, which was attributed to the thicker coating layer of the GPTMS-coated nanoparticles.
The clustered distribution of Eu(III)-BHHCT on the silica nanoparticles functionalized with APTMS was similar to that of gold nanoparticles when adsorbed on the same functionalized surfaces (30).