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APTNAboriginal Peoples' Television Network (Canada)
APTNAssociated Press Television News
APTNAsia-Pacific Technology Network (London, UK)
APTNAboriginal Peoples TV Network (Canadian broadcasting)
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The first part, "The Cultural History of Aboriginal Media in Canada," draws from established scholarship and independent research to provide a necessary framework to the development of APTN and other Aboriginal media projects.
Tian said the visit, which is expected to run through Monday, is meant "to strengthen and develop the relations between China and Korea," according to APTN.
we will answer to this with all-out war," he told APTN.
APTN will now be able to offer "versioned" programming where the viewers will be able to select one of several languages.
After a recent flirtation with financial ruin and more than five years of criticism from Aboriginal producers about board and management practices and policies, the 21-member APTN board of directors will soon be asked to justify their operation.
Radio broadcast media from Austria, Spain and the Netherlands have confirmed their attendance, as have TV broadcasters CNN and international news agencies Reuters and APTN.
This new headquarters will house the APTN television studios, multi-media newsrooms and executive offices.
He also oversaw dramatic technological developments in everything from photography to broadcast news production and the creation of the video news service APTN.
After re-editing, rescoring and adding a narrative voice-over, she changed the film's title to Bearwalker and sold it to TMN-The Movie Network, where it enjoyed a lengthy run in 2002 before moving over to APTN.
Streamworks integrates Elemental Live to support distribution of APTN Direct video news
And our right to either give or withhold consent is being oppressed," Australian Indigenous leader Murrawah Johnson, who represented the youth of the Wangan and Jagalingou tribes, told APTN News.