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APUAuxiliary Power Unit
APUAzusa Pacific University
APUAccelerated Processing Unit (microprocessors)
APUAmerican Public University
APUAsia Pacific University (Japan)
APUAlaska Pacific University
APUAnglia Polytechnic University (Chelmsford)
APUAudio Processing Unit
APUAnnual Payment Update
APUAs Per Usual
APUAuxiliary Processing Unit
APUArmored Personnel Unit (The Matrix: Reloaded & Revolutions)
APUAshton-Potter (USPS philately)
APUAssociazione Proprietari Utenti (Italian: Owners Association Members)
APUAuxiliary Propulsion Unit
APUAcid Purification Unit
APUArithmetic Processing Unit
APUArmy Postal Unit
APUAudio Playback Unit
APUAmbulatory Procedures Unit (medicine)
APUAgrophysical Units
APUAlgebraic Programming Utilities
APUActive Processing Unit
APUAnalog Patch Unit
APUAlternative Pipe Underdrain (construction)
APUAdmission Planning Unit (hospital department)
APUAseptic Production Unit (hospital pharmacies)
APUApplication Program Unit
APUAgent Pick Up
APUAuto Phase Unit
APUAnaheim Public Utilities (California)
APUArtois Presse Université (French: Artois University Press)
APUApproved Procurement Unit (Australia)
APUAccess Point Unit (wireless networking)
APUAtelier Populaire d'Urbanisme (French: Workshop of Urban People)
APUArgentina, Paraguay and Uruguay
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It does appear, however, that AMD isn't asking for a deposit or credit card number to provide that A6 APU, which suggests AMD is expecting people to be on their best behavior and not take advantage of the system.
Leverage is expected to remain at an elevated level but should gradually trend lower as APU accelerates debt repayment (including the 2017 refunding bonds) and reduces its reliance on debt financing for ongoing capital needs.
The company is continuing its legacy of launching APUs for laptops and (as expected) the two new SKUs are also APUs.
TurbineAero was created to become the most comprehensive, flexible, and customer-focused APU MRO Services company in the world.
APUs are primarily used to power an airplane during ground operations, providing electricity, air conditioning, main engine starting and more.
Tomen, writer and researcher, said the first miracle attributed to Apu was chronicled by the historian Daniel Dizon.
The development agreement includes a "rolling" ground lease requirement wherein U-Land was required to fund and lease an initial parcel from APU and must lease successive parcels as they are platted and road and utility access is made available, Davis says.
APUs and the Radeon 300 Series graphics that deliver superior gaming
AMD A-Series Desktop APU update - Starting May 10, AMD's A-Series desktop APU products will be available at new price points and deliver new features and benefits to end users than ever before.
The conflation might intend to incite--Godard's sometimes puerile predilection for puns quarrying the apu cached in pudenda--but as the exegetical industry that exists to decode the Histoire(s) knows, Godard is the most intuitive of film historians, his often baffling juxtapositions disclosing revelatory associations among their constituents.
Logging the hours is how you know if the APU is due for an oil change or if the fuel injector needs to be replaced, for example.
The 2013 AMD Elite Mobility APU (formerly codenamed 'Temash') - the world's first 28nm, quad-core x86 system-on-a-chip (SoC) APU designed for touch small form-factor notebooks, tablets, and hybrids 13-inches and below;