APUIAssociation pour une Instance (French: Association for a Forum)
APUIAsia-Pacific Urban Institute
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The possibility that your flames might be carried across by the wind, singeing any of the remaining rice stalks in the adjacent field, was real (andi kasa kanon apui batang ono).
But when one of them wanted to Burn his field after he had ritually freed his rice (narok), he could not start burning unless his neighbor had likewise freed his, to forestall sparks flying across into the other field and singeing any remaining rice stalks there (kanon apui batang ono).
According to the Kenyah chief of the upper Bahau, Anyie Apui, the Kenyah in the Bahau desperately needed salt from the Krayan.
18) Interview with Anyie Apui in Jakarta on April 19 and 20, 2012, when he came down for a meeting of indigenous peoples as part of the Heart of Borneo Initiatives.
Apui has spawned several other villages, all within the fire-affected areas of East Kalimantan, which form potentially informative comparisons:
Apui residents moved after the 1983 fires and drought.
Apui was prospering, and had grown to more than 1,000 inhabitants.
Apui was located in an area where the timber resources were not particularly good, compared to other areas of the concession, and compromises were usually possible.
Apui was badly affected by the 1983 El Nino, and many families moved away, some to Lalut Bala or to Lepo' Mading, near Samarinda, and some joined the Lg.
Apui, official statistics use "KK" (or household head).
Apui and Lepo' Umit household estimates are based on village statistics, reviewed and corrected by the field assistants.
Apui data are the most extensive, and provide a context from which to compare the other views.