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APUSAmerican Public University System
APUSAmiga Power Up System (computers)
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Moosburg, Germany, near Munich, was the lift-off site for a 2 meter wide AMD-branded, helium-filled balloon containing a new AMD A-Series APU for notebooks, which reached the heights of 36,240 meters (118,900 feet) before floating gently back to earth 1hour and 47 minutes later.
In addition, the agreement also includes access to REVIMA APU's pool of spare PW901A APUs for the Boeing 747-400 aircraft.
Meeting and office space for more than 140 APUS faculty, academic staff and student advisors;
Responding to the needs of an evolving commercial marketplace for longevity, performance and stability in enterprise systems, AMD has introduced a professional line of the Performance Mobile APUs.
com on the company's demonstrations as well as commentary on new developments in the CPU, GPU and APU markets.
AMD s embedded R-series APUs have been the ultimate solution when it comes to driving multiple displays with eye-popping graphics, and our second generation embedded R-series APUs continue this rich tradition.
This will enable StandardAero to offer HSPS warranty repairs for the APS 2300 APU.
Designed to be fast, small, simple and intuitive, APUS Browser is a power-efficient and lightweight mobile browser that measures in at a tiny 0.
APUS Group has 30 million users in India and 80 percent of them are from 18 to 34 years old.
Meanwhile, APUS will offer a full range of services in terms of traffic, capital and pioneering instructions in order to help entrepreneurs motivate innovation, create invaluable products and services, and bring fresh blood to the entrepreneurship tide in China.
On its part, the Chinese firm will provide InMobi with access to more than 200 million customers across the Apus user system to facilitate its partner monetise its platform.
SAN FRANCISCO, July 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- APUS Group, a Beijing-based Android app developer, today announced the launch of Linked Wallpaper', available within its flagship app APUS Launcher.