APUTAssociation of Property Unit Trusts (UK)
APUTAuthorised Property Unit Trust (Financial Services Authority; UK)
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APUT your cat in a wire carrier for short periods - initially off the ground where he will feel secure - with the dog in the same room.
APUT a section of drain in the bottom of the pond to give fish a hidey- hole.
APUT away the photo of your dead mother and tell your hubby that you're not going to play his potty games any more.
APUT it where there is cover so birds can find protection if threatened, but not so close to shrubs that cats can lurk unseen.
APUT a large notice-board outside your house with a summary of everything anyone could possibly want to know about you.
APUT a few drops of water on the most weathered areas.
APUT blocks under the legs at the head of your bed so that your pillow is higher than your feet.