APVMAAustralian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority
APVMAAmerican Pre-Veterinary Medical Association
APVMAAlberta Pressure Vessel Manufacturers' Association (est. 1987; Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
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An important outcome of the APVMA review was the production of a model or procedure for calculating the potential health risks associated with CCA-treated timber structures.
In its calculations, the APVMA assumed that the mean arsenic soil content around and under treated playground equipment would be 30 mg/kg.
As the arsenic content of soil around playground equipment at Healesville was always below the mean value of 30 mg/kg total arsenic used in the APVMA calculations, the risk of arsenic toxicity from this source of ingestion is less at Healesville than was concluded using the presumed average values by the APVMA.
The APVMA concludes that in a number of situations fenthion products may pose unacceptable risks to human health through dietary and occupational exposures, and to the environment.
The APVMA will consider submissions before making a final regulatory decision.
The approval by the APVMA opens the way for commercial sale of LifeTide[TM] SW 5 in Australia.
Joseph Kim, Chairman of VGX Animal Health, and President and CEO of VGX Pharmaceuticals, stated, "The APVMA approval is an important validation of our ability to use cutting edge DNA-based technology to improve the health, welfare and productivity of the world's food and companion animal populations.
The APVMA is inviting submissions and comments on the preliminary report for a three-month period until 31 May 2013.
Ms Arthy will assume management in an era of change, as the APVMA implements the Australian Government Better Regulation reforms.
Ms Arthy has the mix of high level change management experience and expertise in managing technical issues to lead the APVMA s introduction of the agvet chemicals reforms, Minister Ludwig said.
The board provides expert advice and recommendations to the APVMA s chief executive officer relating to the performance of a function or the exercise of a power.
The role of the APVMA is far reaching, given that pesticides and veterinary medicines are vital to Australia s quality food and fibre production, worth $30 billion per year, said Matt Koval, First Assistant Secretary, Agricultural Productivity Division.