APWFAsia Pacific Water Forum
APWFAllied Powers Wrestling Federation
APWFA Posteriori Wiener Filtering
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The forum will also feature a Ministerial Roundtable from which a summary document will be presented at the second Asia-Pacific Water Summit, tentatively scheduled for 2012 and disseminated at other relevant global forums by the APWF.
In calling for the creation of the APWF at the 4th World Water Forum in Mexico in 2006, the region's water ministers sought to establish an effective mechanism to encourage more collaborative efforts on water resources management and to accelerate the process of effective integration of water resources management into the socio-economic development process of the Asian and Pacific region.
Leaders of the RNM, APWF, Arab Socialist Nasserite Party, Sudanese Democratic Solidarity Party and Eastern Sudan Democratic Forum stressed their desire to participate in a purposeful national dialogue on the basis of the roadmap approved by the dialogue committee known as 7+7 last August and the Addis Ababa agreement signed with the rebel groups last September.
According to Omer, the RNM, JPF and the APWF will be replaced by three parties including al-Watan, National Alliance and Darfur Forum.