APWPApparent Polar Wander Path
APWPAsia-Pacific Writing Partnership
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The code was submitted to duration analysis which determines the duration of the current APWP pulse.
The convolutional model was compared against the spectral model using real signals, recorded using several APWP codes.
Two ultrasonic system transmission models to be used in APWP signals optimization were developed.
05) was observed in goats fed diet containing APWP than those in the AP0 group, while the feed intake recorded in goats fed APL was comparable to those observed in goats fed AP0 and APWP (Table 2).
The highest hot and cold carcass weights were presented by goats fed APWP diet, followed by APL and AP0.
Significantly higher dressing percentage was observed in goats fed APWP and APL diet compared with goats fed AP0 diet (Table 3).
Este segmento de la APWP de Iberia ha sido discutido por Pares y Dinares (1994) y Osete et al.
Schott (1988) propuso una APWP para Iberia desde el Carbonifero hasta el Mioceno.
Despues de comprobar que la region investigada en el Sistema Iberico, podia ser considerada iberia <<estable>> y de realizar una revision de los polos paleomagneticos previos, obtuvieron un segmento coherente de la APWP de Iberia, consistente con el propuesto por Van der Voo (1993) y por Pares y Dinares (1994).
It can be seen, that APWP signal outperforms the last two, has much better correlation properties.
9), that though square pulse signal outperforms the last two, APWP signal has much better correlation properties than chirp signal.
Though, APWP signal has slightly better correlation properties than the other two.