APZAkademski Pevski Zbor
APZAccident Potential Zones
APZAlgemeen Psychiatrisch Ziekenhuis (Dutch: General Psychiatric Hospital)
APZAsset Protection Zone (bushfire defence)
APZAbove-The-Promotion Zone
APZAktivne Politike Zaposlovanja (Slovenian: Active Employment Policy; Slovenia)
APZApplied Industrial Technologies, Inc. (stock symbol; Cleveland, OH)
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Participants were then instructed to complete the APZ in reference to the way they recalled feeling during their peak experience.
The main objective of the project is to support the target group which is in the APZ LO CR difficult to apply in the labor market and their preparation therefore requires the application of complex specific metod.
The main objective of the project is to encourage increased employment in the regions umpersko, Jesenicko and BruntEilsko, which are significantly affected by unemployment through innovative tools aid for employment (method BEC), which complements existing APZ.
project will focus on all groups of employers and their employees or self-employed (without employees), which can provide a contribution within APZ and regardless of their size - the large, medium and small businesses, including the self-employed.
The intent of the project is in addition to reducing long-term unemployment and improving the quality of the workforce also search and application of innovative and comprehensive utilization of classical instruments APZ and partial new ones.