AQAMassociation Québécoise des Archivistes Médicales (Quebec, Canada)
AQAMAdaptive Quadrature Amplitude Modulation
AQAMAir Quality Assessment Model
AQAMAl Qaida & Associated Movements
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Prior to then, AQAM had a clear center of gravity that was vulnerable to conventional military means.
However, AQAM cannot be defeated in a series of tactical military operations.
Convincing the people of the Middle East that we have common interests and values and more to offer than AQAM is critical to winning the "war of ideas.
Second, Muslim government leaders must be convinced that the AQAM goal of overthrowing "apostate" governments is a real and credible threat.
Osama bin Laden is recognized world-wide for his role in the attacks of 9/11 and as the eloquent, charismatic leader of the AQAM movement.
Our IO campaign must portray the GWOT as an all-out campaign to expose, everything AQAM stands for-murder, horror, intolerance, disrespect for human rights, and a false view of Islam.
The report describes a virtual Internet Emirate that AQAM is using for command and control, and propaganda purposes.
The counterargument is that terrorists such as AQAM have demonstrated that they are already highly motivated and their terrorism needs no encouragement.
Although the impact on AQAM is somewhat diminished because of their decentralized structure, skilled leaders in global terrorism are always difficult to replace, especially in the short term.
It is clear, however, that targeted killing has at least contributed to a cessation of AQAM attacks on U.
Although all active members of AQAM can legally be targeted, political considerations favor limiting the candidates for such operations to a short list (40) of high value operatives.
43) Given the continuing serious threat posed by AQAM, this requirement can be easily met.