AQAPAllied Quality Assurance Publication
AQAPAir Quality Attainment Plan
AQAPAllied Quality Assurance Provision
AQAPAllied Quality Assurance Procedure (NATO)
AQAPAl-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (Islamist group)
AQAPAs Quickly As Possible
AQAPAir Quality Action Plan (UK)
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AQAP acted decisively to fill the power vacuum left by the unraveling of Yemen's Armed Forces (YAF) and its limited state structures.
GCC-backed Hadi forces then managed to drive AQAP forces out of the city.
The Pentagon also announced that US forces recently carried out attacks on AQAP locations in Yemen outside Mukalla port.
Yemenis are not in a position to reject what AQAP is offering.
He is suspected to have recruited individuals to AQAP who were involved in a plot to assassinate Yemeni officials.
As of Wednesday afternoon, AQAP had not taken responsibility for the attack, and two sources within the group told the Yemen Times they had no knowledge of AQAP involvement.
However, it is not yet clear if AQAP is behind the attack.
TheYemeni army, with US backing, drove AQAP militants and their allies from some of their southern strongholds in 2012 but the insurgents have since regrouped and mounted attacks on government officials and installations.
embassies, including in Yemen and other Middle Eastern and African countries, were closed down, amid AQAP threat to launch an attack targeting foreigners.
The Obama plan's two-pronged strategy calls for the US and Yemen to work together, in co-ordination with the GCC states, to kill or capture the AQAP operatives, who are focused on attacking America and its interests including the GCC bloc.
The AQAP chief also warned Sunnis in Yemen that they risked being massacred at the hands of northern Shiite Zaidi rebels, also known as Houthis, and urged them not to be caught unprepared.
For most of its existence in Yemen, AQAP has tried to solve a single problem-how to hold territory without exposing itself to destruction from the air.