AQAPAllied Quality Assurance Publication
AQAPAir Quality Attainment Plan
AQAPAllied Quality Assurance Provision
AQAPAllied Quality Assurance Procedure (NATO)
AQAPAl-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (Islamist group)
AQAPAs Quickly As Possible
AQAPAir Quality Action Plan (UK)
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AQAP is one of the units of al-Qaeda Central (AQC).
Following his release from Guantanamo, he became the second in command for AQAP.
military prison in Guantanamo before he was deported to Saudi Arabia, where he fled to Yemen along with other hundreds of Saudi wanted militants to form the AQAP in January 2009.
The one aspect on which US officials agree is that AQAP is behind the plotting.
It added that he has also worked with other AQAP members "to plan and
AQAP also said it had shot an intelligence officer named Al-Hashidi in the province, without saying whether or not he died, and said it was responsible for an attack on a security and intelligence buildings in Lahij.
Mohammad Ahmad Bahadad, a resident of Al-Shehr city, claimed that in recent weeks locals have repeatedly seen and witnessed AQAP patrols driving through the city, shouting jihadist slogans.
AQAP head Nasser al-Wuhayshi, the second most important AQC man, recently revealed one of the most serious plots against US/Western interests since 9/11.
Janice Fedarcyk, Assistant Director-in-Charge at the FBI, said: "The defendant not only allegedly pledged an oath to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, and received military training from AQAP, he also helped design and disseminate its propaganda".
According to ASHARQ AL AWSAT, a number of at-large figures in AQAP have turned themselves in recently, including Hamza al-Qiyani, who turned himself in to authorities in Mareb province on July 6.
Al-Aulaqi pledged an oath of loyalty to AQAP emir, Nasir al-Wahishi, and
Ibb has lately witnessed violent clashes between AQAP and the Houthis.