AQBArmy Qualification Battery
AQBAcquisition de Qualification de Base
AQBAir Quenching Breaker
AQBAviation Fire Control Technician Bomb Director (US Navy rank)
AQBAverage Quarterly Billing
AQBAppraiser Qualifications Board
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Under the new requirements, states are not required to perform formal background checks and can instead satisfy the minimum AQB criteria by asking appraisers if they have any events in their past that may disqualify them from obtaining an appraiser credential.
These facilities are also offered for salary accounts, which have an added advantage of no minimum AQB.
appointing members to the AQB, APB and the ASB, and
The line also includes pre-assembled systems with a variety of commonly used sprinklers installed and leak-tested at the factory for Series AQB Braided and Series AQU Unbraided Systems.
The Instructor Recertification Course will also be offered in the Fall of 2009 through The Appraisal Foundation to more than 600 AQB Certified USPAP Instructors.
the AQB proposed an additional change--one that would require states to determine if an applicant lor an appraiser credential possessed "a background that would call into question public trust.
The Board of Trustees of The Appraisal Foundation is charged with funding the work of and appointing members to the AQB and ASB, as well as providing oversight of these two Boards.
Dearborn's new line, written by certified appraisers, covers all four levels of Appraiser study - Appraiser Trainee, Licensed Residential Appraiser, Certified Residential Appraiser, and Certified General Appraiser - and each text is designed around the AQB requirements for that level.
Aequus BioPharma in Preclinical Evaluation of AQB 101 II-40
The Appraisal Institute, in a July 11 letter to the Appraiser Qualifications Board, asked that an AQB requirement for states to conduct background checks on appraisers be limited to new applicants for initial appraiser credentials.
These requirements are the AQB minimum; appraisers should check with their state (a list of agencies is available at www.
The AQB is requesting public comment on the document by October 22, 2003.