AQCAgence Qualité Construction (French: Quality Construction Agency; est. 1901)
AQCAnalytical Quality Control (laboratory analysis)
AQCAdiabatic Quantum Computing
AQCActive-Quenching Circuit
AQCApplied Quality Communications, Inc.
AQCArts Quarter Collective (University of Minnesota)
AQCAtlanta Quality Center
AQCAmerican Quantum Cycle (Melbourne, Florida)
AQCAlternative Quick Call (radio communication)
AQCAdventure Quest Cheat (online gaming software)
AQCAircraft Qualification Course
AQCAustralian Quality Council
AQCArs Quatuor Coronatorum
AQCAcquisition Contracting
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After 9/11 and the US invasion of Afghanistan, AQC decided to move several high-level leaders to Iran, believing this would be one of the only places beyond America's military reach.
By joining the AQC, Cooley Dickinson Physician Hospital Organization and Cooley Dickinson Hospital have committed to work with us in a deeper, more collaborative way to lower the cost and improve the quality of the care they deliver to our members in the Northampton area," said Andrew Dreyfus, BCBSMA's President and CEO.
We are very pleased to receive this certification and are proud to have The BlueDuct recognized and listed by such a far-reaching and reputable organization as NSF International," said Todd Vollhaber, president of AQC Industries.
Years after his move to Iraq, he paid allegiance to AQC and set up al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia (AQM).
Approximately 613,000 BCBSMA members, or roughly two-thirds of BCBSMA's in-state HMO membership, are now cared for by doctors and hospitals in the AQC.
Earlier this month, US officials told the Qatar-owned pan-Arab TV al-Jazeera that senior AQC co-ordinator Yasin al Suri suspected of moving money and operatives into Syria since 2011 was now running operations from Iran with the tacit blessing of the government.
As AQC on 9/11 tried to draw a global line separating the Western world from that of the Muslims, AQM now is trying to kill as many Middle Eastern Christians as it can in order to mobilise the region's Muslims behind the Neo-Salafi movement (see news2AfPakJan10-11).
If spending is to be contained, it's important to understand the impact of the AQC on children as well as adults.
Years after his move to Iraq, he paid allegiance to AQC and thus set up al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia (AQM).
Yet the Syrian war is not the only conflict zone for AQC as Iran's Safawi Shi'ite theocracy has sent fellow Safawi volunteers to fight on Assad's side of the hostilities.
AQC Sperm Count Quality Controls contain suspensions of stabilized human sperm at concentrations commonly observed in clinical practice.