AQCAgence Qualité Construction (French: Quality Construction Agency; est. 1901)
AQCAnalytical Quality Control (laboratory analysis)
AQCAdiabatic Quantum Computing
AQCActive-Quenching Circuit
AQCApplied Quality Communications, Inc.
AQCArts Quarter Collective (University of Minnesota)
AQCAtlanta Quality Center
AQCAmerican Quantum Cycle (Melbourne, Florida)
AQCAlternative Quick Call (radio communication)
AQCAdventure Quest Cheat (online gaming software)
AQCAircraft Qualification Course
AQCAustralian Quality Council
AQCArs Quatuor Coronatorum
AQCAcquisition Contracting
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Quales AQC solutions enable post-production and creative agencies to QC unlimited amount of concurrent files at any single time, eliminating downtime they may encounter by having to test one file at a time.
For additional information on The BlueDuct and AQC Industries, email team@aqcind.
Under the terms of the SPA and royalty deed, AQC acquired Anglo American's interest in Dartbrook for up to AUD 50m (approximately USD 36m), comprising an upfront cash payment of AUD 25m and the grant of a royalty equal to AUD 3.
US experts on May 22 were quoted as saying potentially significant targets for the State and Treasury Department's May 20 designation of the ISIS units in Libya, Saudi Arabia and Yemen to a status similar to that of ISIS will be the IRGC and Syria's IRGC-guided Alawite dictator Bashar al-Assad whose various Syrian intelligence agencies have links to ISIS and AQC (see details in omt21UAE-GlblProsp23May16).
Not like Jowlani who was always a Qaeda man, however, Baghdadi was one of the disciples of arch-terrorist Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi, originally a Jordanian alcoholic thug-turned Islamist who in the 1990s used to be a rival to AQC founder Usama bin Laden.
Zarqawi then found that AQC and the QF co-operated secretly for years and bin Laden's followers were able to move to the Levant via Iran.
Years after his move to Iraq, he paid allegiance to AQC and set up al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia (AQM).
3) The AQC is a contracting model that combines a global budget with pay-for-performance, similar to the Accountable Care Organization model established by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
The researchers compared total quarterly medical spending per beneficiary between those who received care through the AQC in 2009 or 2010 (1.
Data source: Quasi-experimental comparisons from 2007-2010 of Medicare beneficiaries served by 11 provider organizations who entered the AQC in 2009 or 2010, compared to those served by other providers.
The AQC is a national model for payment reform that's improving the quality of patient care while simultaneously slowing medical spending growth," said Andrew Dreyfus, President and CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.
Atrius Health was among the first to sign on, and we have utilized the framework of the AQC during the past three years to lead tangible change in our organization.