AQDAir Quality Digest
AQDAviation Quality Database (software)
AQDAdditional Qualification Designator
AQDAcquisition Division (NATO)
AQDAutomated Quasar Detection (astrophysics)
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If GSA AQD earned within the last five years officer will have a lower priority as compared to those who have either not earned the GSA AQD or earned GSA AQD more than 5 years ago
For any questions about this AQD or the update of your record, please contact the Career Counselor, LT Sam Dowell, at sam.
Researches, interprets and applies laws, regulations and guidelines during the review of records for missing data such as awards, NOBCs, AQDs, subspecialty codes, Fitness Reports (FITREPS) and education
The AQD rings are horizontally split, similar in appearance to several other quality brands.
For example, if the organization requires the addition of an AQD to an officer billet or need to change the NEC on an enlisted billet, an adequate explanation of the change in mission, function, task, and why the change is beneficial to the 18 Navy must be provided to justify the change request.
We thank our colleagues at SEAFDEC/ AQD for their critical comments on the manuscript, and we appreciate the invaluable assistance of Ludovico Manzano and Lucas Lopez, Jr.
The accident occurred near New Sabzi Mandi in Sukkur when Bagar Gee bound Suzuki bearing number plate CS8101 collided with a truck coming from Shikarpur bearing number plate AQD 4833.
Officers selected for the Business Enterprise Supply Chain Management (BEM) internship will complete the ERP certificate training and subsequently earn the AQD as part of their internship tour.
There are a multitude of opportunities for qualification in the Logistics Information Technology COL For additional information about the BEM internship and the 92E AQD, please read Lt.
The AQD Review was approved this past February, and the changes will be in the April 2012 NOOCS Manual (NAVPERS 158391), Volume I, Part D.
Officers successfully completing the DNACO/ NACO program are assigned a 1306S subspecialty code and an AQD of AC2, Level II certification in the contracting career field.
The 918 AQD exists to identify Supply Corps officers who have completed one 120-day Overseas Contingency Operation (OCO) assignment.