AQFAustralian Qualification Framework
AQFAustralian Quality Framework (training assessment services)
AQFAdvanced Quick Fix
AQFAmerican Quality Foundation
AQFAy Que Funny (Spanish: That Is Funny)
AQFAcquisition Control File (Claims)
AQFAnthony Quinn Foundation (Bristol, RI)
AQFAmplify Quantize-And-Forward
AQFAquatic Life Federation (Los Angeles, CA)
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AQF is designed to assess competency and job level classification and pay.
AQF and SQM have strong manufacturing capabilities, significant infrastructure and a long track record of success, making them a highly attractive platform investment for H.
There was a strong correlation evident between socioeconomic disadvantage and the AQF level of study.
The key to the AQF program is the partnership of NOAA and EPA scientists to improve air quality prediction, coupled with advanced computer modeling technology that enables NOAA's National Weather Service to simulate atmospheric conditions using data provided by EPA," said Paula Davidson, NWS program manager for Air Quality Forecasting.
To the extent that early leavers do participate in VET, this is at the lower levels of the AQF.
The notion of creating qualifications from repackaging already accredited units from VCE and VET according to agreed performance standards and criteria also offered an immediate way forward with regard to equivalence, as studies are aligned to levels of the AQF.
ASE Symbol: Cirque: CIQ AltaQuest: AQF TSE Symbol: Jordan: JDN Courage: CEO NASDAQ Symbol: Cirque: CIRQF
In January, the company sold its small AQF line of patented carbon-containing composite filtration media to Hollingsworth & Vose.
Within "Managers and Administrators" only around 32 percent of the employed persons were qualified to AQF level 1, compared to some 68 percent of "Professionals".
00 (Propylene glycol [and] diazolidinyl urea [and] methylparaben [and] propylparahen) Phase B Dermacryl* AQF (45% soln.
When the same course can be undertaken in more than one sector--such as advanced diplomas in VET and higher education, or AQF Certificate Levels I and II in schools and TAFE institutes--students are faced with different financing options for the same award.