AQGAir Quality Guidelines (World Health Organization)
AQGAnqing Airport (China)
AQGAsheville Quilt Guild
AQGAtomic Questions Group
AQGAlliance for Quality Growth (Georgia)
AQGAir Quality Group (University of California, Davis)
AQGAmoskeag Quilters Guild (Manchester, NH)
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The number of people living above the AQG in some regions has increased due to population changes, accounting for about a quarter of the change seen in Central Asia and South subSaharan Africa from 1998 to 2012.
AQG, IT3, IT2, and IT1 refer to the WHO air quality guidelines of 10, 15, 25, and 35 [micro]g/[m.
This updated AQG focused on four classical air pollutants, namely particulate matter, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide.
Pollutants Averaging time AQG values ([micro]g/ [m.
In order to generate such trigger questions, two main AQG approaches were proposed: (1) question generation based on key phrases(Ming Liu, Calvo, Aditomo, & Pizzato, 2012), and (2) question generation based on citations(M.
A novel AQG system is proposed for academic writing support based on an overgeneration-and-ranking approach.
MacMillan and Group Recreation Association both played equally well with Flynn and Furlong scoring for MacMillan and the McDougal brothers scoring for AQG in an entertaining 2-2 draw.
In Division One, Athletic Quarry Green have lost their way in recent games losing their last two games and Hermitage took advantage of this loss of form by beating AQG 2-1.
5 in the EU's Ambient Air Quality Directive is twice as high as the AQG recommendation.
5] statistics, number of observations, and population in excess of WHO AQG and Interim Targets (a).
Simpson scored for AQG with Hogan and Brown on target for Kingsheath.
Hillditch and Doyle helped themselves to two goals each, Burke and Kiernan each adding the finishing touches for AQG.