AQHIAir Quality Health Index (Canadian program to rate air quality according to health risk)
AQHIAbsolute Quality Home Inspection (Orwell, OH)
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To represent ambient air pollution concentrations, the AQHI values were used, which are represented on a scale of 1-10 (where 1-3=low risk, 4-6=moderate risk, 7-10=high risk, >10=very high risk).
The values of ORs are reported for a one-unit increase in the concentration represented as the AQHI value.
Table 2 presents the characteristics of the AQHI daily mean values.
12) The DLNM technique is an extension of a regression model to define the relationship between a set of predictors (here, a lagged AQHI from 0 to 10 days) and an outcome (here, asthma).
RESULTS: The AQHI values were significantly associated with increased use of asthma health services on the same day and on the 2 following days, depending on the specific outcome assessed.
CONCLUSIONS: The AQHI values were significantly associated with the use of asthma-related health services.
AQHI values are linked to specific risk-reduction health messages designed to educate individuals on the impact of air quality on health, and to advise specific risk reduction actions (Table 1) (Environics Research Group Ltd 2005; Environment Canada 2012b).
The AQHI is designed to give you this information in one place along with some suggestions on how you might adjust your activity levels depending on your individual health risk from air pollution.
The AQHI is calculated based on the relative risks of a combination of common air pollutants which are known to harm human health.
The AQHI is measured on a scale ranging from 1-10+.
The new system will provide AQHI forecasts twice a day.
The department has also developed a free mobile application to enable smartphone users to receive AQHI information.