AQHIAir Quality Health Index (Canadian program to rate air quality according to health risk)
AQHIAbsolute Quality Home Inspection (Orwell, OH)
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Table 2 presents the characteristics of the AQHI daily mean values.
12) The DLNM technique is an extension of a regression model to define the relationship between a set of predictors (here, a lagged AQHI from 0 to 10 days) and an outcome (here, asthma).
In addition, for all patients the ORs were calculated for daily maximum of AQHI and for the three component pollutants used to determine the AQHI values ([P[M.
The first column shows the results for the year and may be compared with the results in Figure 2 (mean AQHI vs.
Positive and statistically significant relationships were observed between ED visits for asthma and air quality as measured using the AQHI values.
AQHI values are linked to specific risk-reduction health messages designed to educate individuals on the impact of air quality on health, and to advise specific risk reduction actions (Table 1) (Environics Research Group Ltd 2005; Environment Canada 2012b).
Risk levels and health messages according to AQHI levels (Environment Canada 2012b).
Hourly AQHI calculations and air pollutant measures (N[O.
Poisson regression was used to estimate associations between daily AQHI values or individual pollutant measures and daily health service use, including exposures on the same day (D0) and exposures lagged 1 and 2 days (D1 and D2, respectively).
The AQHI is calculated based on the relative risks of a combination of common air pollutants which are known to harm human health.
The AQHI is measured on a scale ranging from 1-10+.
If you live in one of the AQHI pilot locations, visit www.