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AQIAir Quality Index
AQIAl-Qaeda in Iraq
AQIAgricultural Quarantine Inspection
AQIAustralian Questioning Intonation (aka upspeak or high rising terminal)
AQIAccess Query Interface (database systems)
AQIAl-Qaeda Intelligence
AQiIntelligent Acoustic Quantification
AQIAustralian Quality Ingredient
AQIAcademic Quality Institute (Minnesota)
AQIAHRQ (Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality) Quality Indicators (US DHHS)
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We are delighted to be selected to strategically partner with ASA and AQI to evolve NACOR to the next level of performance measurement and quality improvement.
Quality data will regularly be sent to the AQI, fulfilling CMS' reporting requirements and providing your valuable data to the anesthesia community as a whole.
The al-Nusrah Front was formed by AQI and has pledged allegiance to its leader, Abu Du'a.
The group's power in central Iraq and Anbar is a shadow of its former self, however AQI has always maintained a strong presence in Mosul, where it behaves like a mafia in extorting money from businesses and other residents.
And if there wasn't reason enough for my suspicious leanings, did you know the study found the Safa area (where there's a huge flora-filled park and a less dense residential area) and its surroundings to have the worst air quality in Dubai: Safa has an AQI of 140, while Deira ranks much lower at 83.
An informal IO and non-lethal targeting working group including representatives from Counter-Improvised Explosive Devices Operations Integration Center (COIC), the USF Iraq IO Targeting Section, HTS, and the USF-Iraq (USF-I) J2 Targeting Section was formed to look at the issue of AQI in Mosul.
advisors, to a location in Mosul where a recently appointed AQI Wali is known to hide.
SIS Anesthesia becomes first AIMS to receive AQI designation
25) Mahmoud Mohannad Rasheed, who leads an AQI cell, along with 17 other cell members in Saadiya, Khanaqin district, and seized an arms cache containing 18 kg of C4 explosives and improvised explosive devices (IEDs)," the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
Al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) remains capable of carrying out sensational attacks as it showed in mid-August, and the CIA believes that AQI will remain capable of inflicting casualties on government forces and civilians at least through the next few years, Petraeus said.
Salah al-Din Emergency Police forces launched an operation codenamed Defuse in al-Touz district, namely the areas of Emerli and Bir Ali, arresting five wanted AQI members and 26 suspects others," the source told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.