AQISAustralian Quarantine and Inspection Service
AQISAsian Conference on Quantum Information Science
AQISAir Quality Information System
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AQIS has also claimed responsibility for the assassination of several secular writers and intellectuals in Bangladesh and Pakistan, including Avijit Roy who was hacked to death in Dhaka in February.
Before coming together under AQIS, there were various Jihadist factions operating in Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan.
Since 2008, 15 westerners have been taken hostage either directly by the AQIS or by local criminals, and then handed over to the AQIS.
The AQIS uses X rays and "detector dogs" to screen around 180 million items of mail each year in its efforts to keep unwanted materials out of the country.
Local Muslim clerics have advised the AQIS that the sheep will still be suitable for Halal slaughter, Creagh said.
Three of the fallen 'enemies of state' have been identified as Usman, Ibrahim, and Nurul Hassan alias Hashim, who was the Amir (chief) of AQISs Karachi chapter.
We are delighted that AQIS has given approval for quarantine at Newmarket which will ensure that European trainers can continue their preparations for this year's Spring Racing Carnival safe in the knowledge that the required quarantine facilities exist," said Rob Hines, chief executive at Racing Victoria which hosts the Melbourne Cup.
Mahmood and other AQIS officials have stressed that their jihad is focused on the Pakistani government, including especially the Pakistani Army.
An extensive inquiry led by Justice Callinan blamed serious failings by AQIS for allowing the virus, traced to horses imported from Japan, to take hold.
This constituted a serious failure by those within the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, and AQIS who were, and had been, responsible for the management of quarantine risks and, in particular, the management of post-entry quarantine arrangements.
That such a measure was not being implemented within the quarantine station in August 2007 is a serious failure by those within DAFF and AQIS who were responsible for the management of quarantine risks, and in particular the management of post-entry quarantine arrangements.
Customs officer Gianna Bucciarelli, who was boarding the plane to process human passengers on board, said she spoke to AQIS officers.