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AQLAeroquest Ltd
AQLAcceptable/Acceptance Quality Level
AQLAlignment Query Language (data management)
AQLAverage Quality Limit
AQLArchetypal Query Language (data processing)
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During the meeting, Ubad and Aql reviewed the bilateral relations between the two brotherly countries in endowments and religious guidance, as well as what is related to the developments and continuing the activity of Al-Azhar's mission in Yemen.
Aql told Al-Qorabi the international media coverage on Egypt is "biased".
Official news agency said Aql delivered a letter from Egyptian foreign minister Nabil Fahmy to Al-Qurbi over the developments in Egypt.
This fast growth gives rise to the installation of more IT equipment in aql data halls, triggering a greater demand for power and the generation of a lot of waste heat.
Use good judgment in determining if an AQL is appropriate.
During this time V1413 Aql has varied by ~3 magnitudes--fading from 11.
During his meeting with Egyptian Ambassador to Yemen Ashraf Aql, Yemeni Minister of Interior Mutahar Al-Masri hailed the Yemeni-Egyptian brotherly relations in various fields, particularly in the field of security, Yemen News Agency (Saba) reported.
The song was written by another legendary Lebanese, the poet Saeed Aql.
We nabbed a young man called,Sayyed Aql who was attempting to put poison in water and tea for Bedouin fugitive Salem Abou Lafi of the el-Tarabin tribe," said Moussa el-Daleh, a spokesman for cental Sinai Bedouin tribes on Thursday.
It offers an improved puncture performance equivalent to that of a medical grade glove (its AQL is 1.
Ganope) since it was established in 2003, Aql is an engineer who until then was a prominent deputy chairman of EGPC.
751/1350) seems to grant that women can have aql equal to that of men: