AQLQAsthma Quality of Life Questionnaire
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CRF Health has now deployed spirometer integration together with the ACQ and AQLQ in several global studies on TrialMax Touch[TM] and TrialMax Slate[TM] with four major Pharmaceutical companies.
The AQLQ measures the functional problems (physical, emotional, social and occupational) that are most troublesome to adults with asthma, and provides an important insight into the impact of the disease on patient's quality of life.
The electronic versions of the ACQ and AQLQ, now supported on Windows([R]) Mobile devices, provide clinical trial managers more flexibility in designing trials along with the many other benefits of using ePRO, including higher compliance, higher quality data, and more efficient clinical trials.
Key statistically significant clinical findings of the AIR2 Trial were: -- Improvement in the average AQLQ score at 6-, 9-, and 12 months over sham control -- 4 out of 5 Alair-treated patients responded with a clinically significant improvement in AQLQ compared to 64% of sham controls -- 32% reduction in asthma attacks -- 84% reduction in emergency room visits for respiratory symptoms -- 36% reduction in patients reporting episodes of asthma (multiple symptoms) adverse events -- 66% reduction in days lost from work/school or other activities due to respiratory symptoms
As the leading global eDiary provider, we are delighted to have Professor Juniper's cooperation with adapting the AQLQ and ACQ instruments from paper to eDiary," said Pamela McNamara, CEO of CRF Inc.