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AQMAir Quality Management
AQMActive Queue Management
AQMAcute Quadriplegic Myopathy (neuromuscular disorder)
AQMAltitude Qualifying Miles (Air Canada)
AQMAcquisition Management
AQMAdditive Quark Model
AQMAssistant Quartermaster (Civil War)
AQMAnalog Quadrature Modulator
AQMAcenaphthenequinone Monoxime
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The ISI re-asserted an AQM claim that the Coptic church was holding the women against their will.
In the past months, police and counter-insurgency officials have announced a series of high-profile arrests of top AQM operatives behind the attacks.
They include reports of the Quds Force having fielded Shi'ite suicide bombers posing as Iraqi Army men responsible for a long series of massacres hitherto used to be blamed on AQM.
About a month ago the Interior Ministry notified al-Arabiya it had intelligence that the network's Baghdad offices might become a target of AQM.
In an interview with The Associated Press out on May 1, Rawi offered a rare insight into AQM, which continues to plague Iraq after years of deadly attacks aiming to push the country into another Sunni-Shi'ite war.
In BLUE AQM algorithm the congestion is managed through packet loss and link utilization history.
AQM dis-credited US and Iraqi forces through numerous suicide hits.
The AQM facilitates this process by accessing the SEC's XBRL database of public company financial reporting filings, and quickly comparing a company's financial data to that of peer registered companies.
Zafranal is being developed by Cia Minera Zafranal, a 50:50 AQMJeck joint venture, with AQM as the operator.
Appraiser reaction to the AQM program runs the gamut from outrage and fear to con fusion and indifference, and in some cases, to the quiet satisfaction of those who think it will weed out incompetent or unscrupulous practitioners.
Since then, the IRGC has maintained links with AQM, AQAP and other geo-graphical units of al-Qaeda Central (AQC).