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AQMAir Quality Management
AQMActive Queue Management
AQMAcquisition Management
AQMAdditive Quark Model
AQMAssistant Quartermaster (Civil War)
AQMAnalog Quadrature Modulator
AQMAcenaphthenequinone Monoxime
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Appraiser reaction to the AQM program runs the gamut from outrage and fear to con fusion and indifference, and in some cases, to the quiet satisfaction of those who think it will weed out incompetent or unscrupulous practitioners.
Since then, the IRGC has maintained links with AQM, AQAP and other geo-graphical units of al-Qaeda Central (AQC).
is a JV uniformly owned by AQM Peru and a Canadian resources development firm Teck Resources Ltd.
AQM has taken aggressive steps forward to build a leading facility in Dammam Industrial Village to provide corrosion services management in a joint venture partnership with a world leading group with more than 50 years of experience in this field.
Biding its time, as AQM has continued to carry out suicide attacks, JRTN has armed itself well and has enlisted recruits from the ranks of Saddam's Republican Guard units.
The AQM strike occurred as a dispute escalated between Sunnis and Shi'ites over control of the Samarra' shrine.
Shi'ite pilgrims are frequent targets of AQM, and this year Iraqi security forces ordered several major roads and bridges closed and banned bicycles and motor-cycles in the capital to try to safeguard the marchers.
When asked about the shortfalls of their current AQM solution, it's not surprising that 38% are crying out for an option that would allow them to map different processes and methodologies into their system and not be straight-jacketed into one particular way of working.
The first full year under SOI's direction, AQM lost more than $3 million on sales of $18 million, according to Securities and Exchange filings by SOI.
6 million, resulting in MMC holding a 40% shareholding interest in MAQM and AQM holding the remaining 60%.