AQMAAir Quality Management Area (UK)
AQMAAir Quality Maintenance Area
AQMAAmerican Quarter Midget Association (Sacramento, CA)
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The declaration of the AQMA by Carmarthenshire County Council is a legal process and will include areas that are considered as being part of the solution, not just those areas affected.
Last week Vale of Glamorgan councillors agreed part of Windsor Road, Penarth, be declared an AQMA.
The AQMA was declared in 2004 because of the association between long-term exposure to air pollution and premature deaths, especially from heart and lung conditions.
Walsall Council cabinet approved the declaration of the AQMA in November 2007 and the order came into effect on March 1.
Fears that prospective buyers could be deterred if they learn that a property is in an AQMA were raised at a public consultation in Penarth last spring.
Two other AQMAs exist in Cardiff: one on High Street/St Mary Street and the other in the Ely Bridge area of Cowbridge Road West.
It's understandable people may worry when they hear about AQMAs but this is about identifying a potential issue early and ensuring the council takes appropriate steps.
In 2003, the council declared the city centre and the busy Rocket Junction, near the M62, AQMAs.
Cardiff's two other AQMAs are on St Mary Street in the city centre and in the Ely Bridge area of Cowbridge Road West.
Currently Tyne and Wear has six AQMAs and 14 potential future AQMAs - most of these are the result of traffic, particularly in congested areas.
Currently Tyne and Wear has 6 AQMAs and 14 potential future AQMAs.