AQMDAir Quality Management District
AQMDAir Quality Maintenance District (California)
AQMDAir Quality Monitoring District (California)
AQMDAction Quake Map Depot
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AQMD continues to lead by example and this installation will be a model for the many businesses in the areas served by AQMD.
The energy from the unit, expected to become operational in the middle of next year, is to be supplied by UTC Power to AQMD under an energy supply and services agreement.
Under the second lawsuit in accordance with the Business and Professions Code, Home Depot is subject to additional penalties of up to $2,500 for each act of unfair competition and $2,500 for each act of false and misleading advertising, AQMD says.
The findings were detailed in a study that involved testing for 33 toxic air pollutants over a year at 10 locations throughout the jurisdiction covered by the AQMD.
We are pleased to be one of the first organizations to test the EnergyCS plug-in technology using Valence's phosphate-based lithium-ion batteries," said Miguel Pulido, Mayor of Santa Ana and an AQMD Board Member who is test-driving the plug-in hybrid vehicle.
Air Products noted that additional locations involved with the AQMD effort that will dedicate and operate hydrogen fueling stations this year include Burbank, Santa Monica and Ontario.
Using data collected from their on-site monitoring and sampling efforts and Disney's own health risk assessment (conducted to comply with a state law requiring large emitters of air contaminants to report designated toxic material to local districts), the AQMD was able to assess the risk posed by Disney's shows.
The AQMD complaint charges BP/ARCO with submitting false inspection reports and failing to maintain a required inspection and maintenance program for floating roof tanks at the company's Carson oil refinery between 1994 and 2002.
Burke proposed that AQMD and the Air Resources Board rapidly establish a program in the Southland to test the durability of particulate traps and catalysts on diesel school buses.
The Coalition for Clean Air and other environmental groups do not want AQMD to include hydrocarbons (called "reactive organic gases" in the proposal) in the emissions market until they can ensure that emission measurements are accurate.
The coming wave of electric vehicles is great news for the Inland Empire," said Ron Loveridge, AQMD Governing Board Member and Riverside Mayor.
The Antelope Valley AQMD also measures particulate pollution, but those readings won't be announced until the end of the year.