AQMPAir Quality Management Plan
AQMPAir Quality Maintenance Plan
AQMPAir Quality Monitoring Program
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This municipality was selected as an ideal case study candidate since several data sources exist, an AQMP is in place, small research studies have been undertaken, and there is public willingness to ensure air quality managers prioritize resource allocation to reduce community vulnerability to excess air pollution.
The aim of our research was to develop an air pollution population exposure and vulnerability risk prioritization framework for potential use by air quality managers in conjunction with their AQMPs.
The 1991 AQMP was the most important alternative to RECLAIM and the base point for comparison to CAC regulations.
1987 is the base year consistent with the AQMP and also the most comprehensive emissions inventory assessment.
Adjust the emissions in Step 3 to reflect structural changes in emissions demand, such as increased energy conservation and decreased demand for gasoline due to transportation-related control measures in the AQMP.
In evaluating RECLAIM, the District initially focused on the first criterion, since the District legally is obligated to adopt an AQMP that will meet the standards.
The first included (i) industries that faced Tier 1 control measures in the 1991 AQMP but that were not yet subject to new rules requiring explicit emissions reductions and (ii) firms that expected to lose a competitive advantage.
The AQMP incorporates a long-term approach to attaining the NAAQS, and projects attainment of the ozone and carbon monoxide NAAQS by the 2010 and 2000 deadlines of the Clean Air Act.
The AQMP delegates responsibility for implementing the various Tier I through Tier III control measures to EPA, the California Air Resources Board (CARB), and to local government agencies, depending upon the agency's authority to regulate a particular emissions source.
In doing so, ACA urged the district to take credit for the emissions reductions outlined in the 2007 AQMP CTS-02 "Clean Coating Certification Program"-emission credits resulting from the Rule 314 AIM fee rule, which amount to more than double the emission estimates from the current draft CTS-01.
ACA urges the district to continue to focus on NOx reductions and remove the proposed VOC measures from the AQMP, especially since VOC measures are not cost effective for reducing ozone compared to NOx reductions.
Draft 1991 AQMP supra note 60 (The final 1991 AQMD was set to have been adopted by June 30, 1991.