AQNHCAlliance for Quality Nursing Home Care
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Part of the "education" process needed to make that happen occurred at the Democratic and Republican national conventions this fall when representatives of the AQNHC, AHCA, and the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) participated in convention-related events and took every opportunity to discuss the importance of including long-term care issues within the overall healthcare reform debate.
Both the AQNHC and AHCA/NCAL have political action committees (PACs) dedicated to supporting candidates for the House and Senate whom they believe will be supportive of the industry's positions on key issues.
The CMS announcement June 18 that it will soon launch a star rating system for nursing homes to be posted on its Nursing Home Compare Web site drew support from the AQNHC, which said it hoped to work closely with the agency to ensure the new system is based on valid data.
The result should be that the public has more timely and accurate information on which to select and evaluate nursing facilities and long-term care stakeholders have confidence that the underlying data accurately reflects the quality of care provided in each facility," the AQNHC said in a press release.
9% Below 2008 Levels, AQNHC Says Governors Need Continued Medicaid Flexibility
The AQNHC leader concluded, "The next Administration and next Congress must examine more closely and objectively which providers can most optimally meet the growing demand for the critical rehabilitation care that sustains quality of life, independence, and, ultimately, lower costs to taxpayers.