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AQPAquaporin (family of membrane channel proteins)
AQPAssociation for Quality and Participation
AQPAdvanced Qualification Program (aviation)
AQPArequipa, Peru - Rodriguez Ballon (Airport Code)
AQPAdvance Quality Planning
AQPApproximate Query Processing
AQPAffordable Quality Pharmaceuticals (Garden Grove, CA)
AQPAcquisition Processor
AQPAirworthiness Qualification Plan
AQPAcquisition Quality Plan
AQPAutomation Quality Program
AQPAssuming the Q Position (medical slang: deteriorating or dying with tongue hanging out)
AQPAir Quality Professionals, Inc. (Phoenix, AZ)
AQPAir Quality Program (various organizations)
AQPAddiction to Quirky Products (website)
AQPAny Qualified Provider (healthcare; UK)
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AQP is a water utility providing services in Puglia and is 100% owned by Region of Puglia.
AQP water and solute channels are localized at the cellular interface with the surroundings and must be considered players in such adaptation processes (Fadiel et al.
ABBREVIATIONS: ADH = anti-diuretic hormone; AQP = aquaporin; AMP = adenosine monophosphate; cAMP = cyclic AMP; CD = collecting duct; cDNA = complementary DNA; CHF = congestive heart failure; DCT = distal convoluted tube; NDI = nephrogenic diabetes insipidus; PCT = proximal convoluted tubule; RBC = red blood cells; RT PCR = reverse transcription - polymerase chain reaction.
Also at the event, AQP said John Coscia, executive director of the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC), which administers AQP, signed the official charter for the Philadelphia Diesel Difference, an effort "dedicated to encouraging owners of diesel-powered vehicles to voluntarily retrofit their fleets with emission controls, use ultra-low sulfur fuel and actively look for other ways to reduce diesel emissions.
We have noticed an increased demand for 'ready trained' quality engineers and managers who already have specific training and experience in AQP procedures.
With approximately 10,000 members and 75 chapters throughout North America, AQP continues to be at the forefront of the field, working to bring quality and participation to organizations of all types in an effort to help them create high-performance, high-value workplaces.
Pre-configured templates for industry standard studies, like AQP and FMEA
It is not clear if there will be a direct assignment of the concession to AQP (so-called 'in-house' solution) or a public tender to renew the concession.