AQP9Aquaporin 9
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Another interesting subclass of AQPs involves AQP 3, AQP7, and AQP9, called aquaglyceroporins, because they transport both glycerol and water.
However, when rat AQP9 was expressed from a plasmid in HD9, yeast cells became sensitive to MAs(III).
took] up little MAs(III), but expression of rat AQP9 from a plasmid resulted in a high rate of uptake of MAs(III) in HD9 (Figure 2B).
Structure--function relationships in AQP9 transport of MAs(III).
We have previously shown that F64A, F64T, and F64W AQP9s are expressed in yeast and conduct As(III) and glycerol as well as wild-type AQP9 (Liu et al.
In particular, what allows AQP9 to conduct MAs(III) when at least two other aquaglyceroporins cannot?
We have previously shown that a positive charge is required on the corresponding residue in AQP9 (Arg-219) for both As(III) and glycerol uptake (Liu et al.
Because liver is also a key site for the metabolism of arsenic, we propose a model in which AQP9 catalyzes a key step in uptake of As(III) and efflux of MAs(III) (Figure 6).
Yamamoto and coworkers reported decreased expression of AQP4, APQ5, and AQP9 in cultured rat astrocytes stressed by hypoxia.
Patients with insulin-resistance, such as Type 2 diabetes mellitus or metabolic syndrome, have been shown to have elevated levels of AQP 7 and AQP9.