AQP9Aquaporin 9
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In models that were developed based on these results, the water flows through AQP9 in the cell where it creates an increased pressure between the cell membrane and the cytoskeleton.
A expressao de AR e AQP9 foi investigada atraves de imunohistoquimica, seguida de analise de imagem assistida por computador.
27,28,44-46) AQP9 facilitates glycerol uptake by hepatocytes, where glycerol contributes carbons for gluconeogenesis.
1,27,28) For example, fasting, starvation, uncontrolled diabetes, and exercise all cause a marked increases in AQP9 expression.
Arsenite transport by mammalian aquaglyceroporins AQP7 and AQP9.
apical) AQP8 Exclusivamente localizada TPR y TCR en membranas Epitelios en yeyuno, intracelulares ileon y colon Permeable a urea Epitelio bronquial Glandulas salivares Hepatocitos Testiculo AQP9 Permeable a glicerol Hepatocitos Leucocitos AQP10 Posible papel en control Epitelios en duodeno metabolico y yeyuno Tipo de Enfermedades asociadas acuaporina AQP0 Cataratas congenitas AQP1 Edema pulmonar Edema periferico Edema cerebral Glaucoma AQP2 Diabetes insipida nefrogenica AQP3 No definida AQP4 Edema cerebral AQP5 Asma bronquial Bronquitis cronica Sindrome de Sjogren AQP6 No definida AQP7 No definida AQP8 No definida AQP9 No definida AQP10 No definida TPR = tubulo proximal renal, TCR = tubulo colector renal, TDR = tubulo distal renal; SDD = segmento descendente delgado, c.
3], AQP9 Water, glycerol, urea, carbamides, polyols, purines, pyrimidines, antimonite, arsenite, C[O.
Strangely, AQP9 is also capable of transporting As[(OH).
AQP9 is a member of the aquaglyceroporin family of channels that facilitates bidirectional movement of small neutral solutes such as glycerol and urea (Agre and Kozono 2003).
Germ cells also express AQP9, although the expression of this channel appears to be more variable.
For anuran aquaglyceroporins, AQP3 and AQP9 have been studied in association with cryoprotection during hibernation, as well as in water transport (Zimmerman et al.