AQPAAmerican Quarter Pony Association
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After determining that Goldstrike had never triggered the PSD restrictions in area 61 the court concluded that the EPA had acted within its broad discretion to approve the division of an AQPA where the PSD program was not in effect.
158) Each AQPA is assigned a label based on air quality: nonattainment, meaning the air quality is below national standards; attainment, meaning the air quality meets national standards; and unclassifiable meaning it is unclear whether the air quality meets national standards.
161) EPA's discretion to divide an AQPA is limited where the PSD program has been activated because a division raises questions of whether, for example, the PSD restrictions continue to apply in a newly designated AQPA if the major source that triggered the PSD in the old AQPA does not lie in that new AQPA.
Nevada requested EPA to divide area 61 containing 550 square miles into two lesser AQPAs under the primary rationale that the two AQPAs would be more appropriate to local air transport processes, regional topography, and industrial development.