AQQAnnual Qualifications Questionnaire
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According to the company, the AQQ service allows the DHS to take control of vetting passenger names against the government's terrorist watch list, before aircraft depart, and then deliver authority to airlines to issue, or not issue, boarding passes as each passenger checks-in.
oed / FOXX (a surname) QR SHIQQ (see LQ) / SHIRR (to OS RIQQ / RISS (rise--oed) gather--oed) QT RIQQ / RITT (ride--oed) QU AQQ, Ra's al (Oman) / AUU (see KU) QV AQQAL, Magharat al(Lebanon) / QW AQQAD, Al (Yemen) / AWWAD (S AVVAL (Uzbek) Arabia) QX QAQA (Lesotho) / XIXI (China) QY RIQQ / RIYY, Jabal ar (Yemen) QZ RIQQ / R1ZZ, Qoubbet Sahn er (Lebanon) RV REER (rear--oed) / VEEV RW RARE / WAWE (waw--oed) (vivid--edd) RX FIRR (fir tree--oed) / FIXX SU ASS/AUU (see KU) SX FOSS (force n.
Gold intercepts reported by AQQ from drilling at Chameleon have included 12m @ 10.