AQoLAssessment of Quality of Life
AQoLAustralian Quality of Life (research study; various organizations)
AQoLAsthma-Specific Quality of Life (respiratory medicine)
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Improvement in all the respiratory parameters (FEV1%, PEFR%, ACS score and AQOL questionnaire score) between -4 week and 0 week were similar and highly significant (p<0.
The syntax algorithim 4D was run on the AQOL data, followed by the Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test for unevenly distributed data.
No significant changes in AQOL score in either group post-intervention were noted, moreover the groups were matched at baseline and six months for AQOL score.
To provide a profile of health-related quality of life, each item on the AQoL is scored out of 3 (where 'A' scores 0, 'B' scores 1, 'C' scores 2, and 'D' scores 3).
The AQoL is sensitive to changes in health states (Hawthorne and Osborne 2005).
The AQoL takes 5 minutes to complete and can be self-completed by patients.