AQoSApplication Quality of Service
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In 1999 and 2001 AQOS cemented its place in TV history by winning the Royal Television Society Sports Entertainment Programme of the Year Award.
Quiz ball - a bbc-1 forerunner to AQOS, Quiz Ball ran between 1966-1971.
When today's Web-based applications encounter performance problems, software-based management tools are of little value because they lack deep visibility into the entire application environment, provide a flood of monitoring data but little actionable information, do not have the necessary priority access to- and control over-resources to intercept threats to availability and performance, and lack the intelligence to automatically adapt the infrastructure to maintain AQoS within acceptable bounds.
VIEO is extending this management model to provide holistic AQoS management, bringing a business dimension to management that ensures application certainty and business results.
With the explosive growth of multi-tiered web-based business applications and the volatility of application workloads, today's data centers face unprecedented challenges in managing AQoS in real-time," said Tom Bishop, chief technology officer of VIEO.
Measure, analyze, and affect the operational characteristics of the application environment, in real time -- Accurately measure AQoS by evaluating the aggregate performance of all elements that comprise an application environment -- Consistently meet business expectations for AQoS by dynamically managing heterogeneous resources to satisfy application workload demands -- Manage the application environment via a blended, intuitive dashboard that combines application resource status with business productivity insight -- Leverage industry standards-based technology -- Greatly reduce management total cost of ownership (TCO) -- Derive immediate value from a non-disruptive solution that is platform, operating system and application independent
Las dos empresas multimillonarias de propiedad familiar diseqaron el plan despuis de hacer negocios entre ellas durante aqos, dijo Fernando Sirman, chairman y funcionario principal ejecutivo del Grupo Siman cuya casa matrmz fue trasladada de San Salvador en Centro Amirica a Miami en 1978.
Las dos compaqmas han mantenido una excelente relacisn comercial durante aqos, segzn el propietario principal de Gulf States, Jack Warner.