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AQUAAustralasian Quaternary Association
AQUAAutomated Quantitative Analysis System
AQuAAdaptive Quality of Service for Availability
AQUAAllies and Queers Undergraduate Association (University of Connecticut; Storrs, CT)
AQUAAdiabatic Quantum Algorithm (quantum supercomputing)
AQUAAssociate Question Answerers (website)
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Highlighted trend with Turquoise Kohl Eye Pencil (1), Turquoise AQUA EYES (2), Turquoise Eye Shadow (3), Turquoise AQUA CREAM Liner (4) and Turquoise Lipstick (5) and Star Powder (6).
The manuscript is full of references to the aquila or eagle (the volatile principle or sal ammoniac), aqua fortis or "strong water" (mainly nitric acid), aqua vitae (concentrated alcohol, often distilled wine), "dragons," (symbolizing "the volatile and fixed principles [mercury and sulphur]," 253), sophic mercury (describing the universal agent of transmutation) and the urine of Saturn (an ammonium salt), just to name a few.
In the aqua sports class, participants tackle a 30-minute circuit training class combining cardiovascular drills with resistance training.
com, customers can also enroll in Aqua's new paperless billing service, Aqua Online, and enjoy the convenience of viewing and paying their monthly bills online.
If a sale is consummated, Aqua America will have concentrated its regulated operations in eight states (Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Illinois, Texas, New Jersey, Indiana and Virginia).
The goal with our latest product release is to provide organizations with an even more improved terminal services experience," said Joseph Cohen, Chief Technical Officer of Aqua Connect.
Aqua Connect will be demonstrating the latest release of the Aqua Connect Terminal Server 3.
Aqua Connect was extended an invitation based on their pioneering developments in creating Aqua Connect Terminal Server, the first Mac terminal server.
AQUA TAN[R] Self Tanning Spray is the first delicious smelling self-tanner, some are calling an aphrodisiac.
Christopher Franklin, who has been with Aqua America since December 1992, has been promoted to regional president, Aqua America southern operations and senior vice president, public affairs and customer operations.
PHILADELPHIA -- Please Touch Museum, the Children's Museum of Philadelphia, announced today a partnership with Aqua America, Inc.