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AR1American Roadster 1 (Aston Martin automobile model)
AR1Activating Region 1
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The observed tail probability (the probability of Nino3 reaching its observed DEC2015 magnitude) is underestimated by the Gaussian AR1 PDF, but not by the skewed SGS PDF.
The correlogram, which also indicates an ARMA (1,1) structure, but similar to the case for fatalities, the coefficient estimates for the AR1 and MA1 terms are not both individually significantly different than zero; only AR1 is.
The company expects to deliver an AR1 engine in 2019.
Para a amplitude dos intervalos de confianca, no crescimento em comprimento, a incorporacao do processo AR1 no ajuste dos modelos resultou numa expressiva reducao quando comparado ao modelo sem AR.
Commonly used criteria for comparing the fit of AR1, Toeplitz and other structures are Akaike's information criterion (AIC) (Akaike, 1973), Schwarz's Bayesian information criterion (BIC) (Schwarz, 1978) and the deviance information criterion (DIC) (Spiegelhalter, Best, Carlin, & Van der Linde, 2002).
The equation we estimated with AR1 was the same as the previous equation except that the lagged value of the dependent variable ([G.
TABLE 1 Mean and range of physico-chemical variables of Asu River and Cross River during the dry and rainy seasons TRANS(m) DEPTH (m) Asu River Dry AR1 1.
Em relacao a comparacao dos modelos, considerando a estrutura AR1, verifica-se que os avaliadores de qualidade de ajuste foram bastante semelhantes, ou seja, ambos os modelos apresentaram altos valores para o coeficiente de determinacao ajustado ([R.
The empirical results were obtained using the AR1 maximum likelihood estimation technique available in the RATS software.
Called the TEEWAVE AR1, for Toray Eco Efficient Wave Advanced Roadster 1, it is the flagship item that embodies Toray Group's green innovation strategy in the automotive field, offering concepts tailored for the automobile industry, the users and the environment.
Hence, the following 12 timber regions were studied in our analysis: AL1, AL2, AR1, FL2, GA1, GA2, LA1, MS1, MS2, NC2, SC2, and TX2.
The parcels will be offered individually and as a whole and are zoned AR1.