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In addition, water from stations AR1 and AR2 had elevated concentrations of enterococci, more than 1,500 cfu/100 ml, on October 21, 2005; and water from stations MC3 and AR3 had concentrations of 734 and 701 cfu/100 ml, respectively; the reason for these increases is unknown.
Class A-2L at 'AAAsf; Outlook Negative; --Class A-3L at 'AAAsf'; Outlook Negative; --Class A-4 AR1 at 'AAAsf'; Outlook Negative; --Class A-4 AR2 at 'AAAsf'; Outlook Negative; --Class B-1 at 'BBsf'; Outlook Stable; --Class B-2 at 'BBsf'; Outlook Stable.
Upon successful completion of this two-year internship, Supply Corps officers earn a subspecialty code for Information Technology Management (6201S), and an Additional Qualification Designator of AR2 signifying Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act Level II certification in the Communications-Computer Systems career field.
AR1 was found to bind only testosterone with high affinity, but AR2 bound a broader range of natural androgens and antiandrogens, including p,p'-DDE and the vinclozolin metabolites M1 and M2.
710 Table 3 Tests of Debt Neutrality Private Consumption Functions for Pakistan: 1960-88 (Effects of Real Interest Rates) ARl AR2 OLS (1) (2) (3) C 58.
In addition to MakrolonA Lumen XT products, use of MakrolonA AR2 clear polycarbonate sheet for security glazing also contributed to LEED certification.
This market for the execution of work related to the maintenance of the holding arm AR2 pontoon belonging to the Grand Port Maritime du Havre.
There must also be supplied 6 trolleys to suit the offered steam autoclaves and is also suitable for the existing Getinge GE 6617 AR2 steam autoclaves.
AR2 is fund managed and controlled by Actis LLP ( Actis ), a leading private equity investor in emerging markets that invests exclusively in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
AR2 had its first closing on May 24, 2011, with IFC committing US$25 million to
adidas Originals will release a special version of the AR2.