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AR3Activating Region 3
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ARTILLERY ROCKET LAUNCHERS AR3 Norinco, China Caliber 300 mm/370 mm Number of rockets 10/8 Combat weight 42.
In addition, water from stations AR1 and AR2 had elevated concentrations of enterococci, more than 1,500 cfu/100 ml, on October 21, 2005; and water from stations MC3 and AR3 had concentrations of 734 and 701 cfu/100 ml, respectively; the reason for these increases is unknown.
Duplantis said that he no longer worked for Avedis but that he had talked with his investor; identified by securities regulators as AR3.
Here you can see design made real - a cast alloy road wheel, a bonnet for a Jensen sports car, computer generated images of future Citroen concept cars, sketches and a model of the Audi AR3 Quattro all-purpose car, patterns and prototype for the Adidas "Gryphon" running shoe, a selection of top toys, a range of work by pupils of teacher Angela Duffy - and more