ARABSATArab Satellite Communications Organization
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2- What is being broadcast by the Iranian channels on Bahrain is not merely "political and religious discussions", as alleged by ARABSAT in its statement, but rather media materials against Bahrain and Saudi Arabia aimed at disseminating lies and fallacies to incite sectarianism, hatred, violence, terrorism and shake stability and security in the Gulf countries-something that is completely in breach of the media work ethics.
Transmission of NBN, Al-Jadeed and Al-Manar were all disrupted over the weekend, when two leading network providers NileSat and Arabsat were hit by what has been described as a "sophisticated" blocking attack.
oThe same content is broadcast via Nilesat and few people watch the channel on Arabsat.
Riyadh-based Arabsat said Al-Alam has breached its commitments by airing programs that maligned the Arab world.
The HS3 and HS4 satellites will replace Hellas-Sat's current HS2 at the 39 degrees East orbital slot and HS4 will, additionally, provide Arabsat with prime Ku-band capacity over Europe and the Mediterranean, which will complement the existing in-orbit capacity .
The Kingdom of Bahrain demanded the taking of the necessary actions in order to halt Al-Alam channel's from broadcasting on ARABSAT.
On Arabsat it was intermittent and we took measures to overcome the blocking.
du will then provide the uplink service to the Arabsat Badr 4 satellite, which will broadcast the event 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as a free-to-air (FTA) channel.
The kingdom's national broadcaster said that fans should adjust their decoders to Arabsat bader four, frequency 12226, polarity horizontal fec 3/4, symbol rate 27,500, to be able to watch the F1 races including this weekend's Malaysian Grand Prix.
Balkheyour, Arabsat president and chief executive officer, after signing the agreements at Riyadh's Four Seasons Hotel.
Jabbour told Gulf News the company has signed a three-year transponder lease agreement with Arabsat, the Arab world's largest satellite operator, for launching the MG TV channel.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 13, 1996, Arianespace successfully launched two telecommunications satellites: Arabsat 2B for the Arab League and Measat 2 for Malaysia.