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ARACHNIDAdaptive Retrieval Agents Choosing Heuristic Neighborhoods for Information Discovery
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Even so, our study is not without its own set of problems; 84% of our sample could only be identified to morpho-species (without full Latin binomials), rarefaction curves suggest that our survey was far from complete in any of the habitats and many components of total epigeic arachnid assemblage, especially the small specimens, were not captured by our sampling method (e.
The acquisition of Arachnid will further enhance our ability to deliver powerful integrated campaigns for our clients in this strategically important region and to unleash the 'unreasonable power of creativity.
The 18S rRNA has also been used in studies of divergence between arachnid orders, as well as studies of divergence between spider genera and species (Wheeler & Hayashi 1998; Arnedo et al.
MORE than 2,000 animated arachnids were created for the movie.
The Group 1 sprint could well provide an upset and the arachnid reckons Newmarket trainer Saeed Bin Suroor might score with longshot SOUL as a high draw will be important in the Merseyside mud and another earlier with a decent draw is JEDWARD, but those terrible twins temper the Spider's enthusiasm.
Species in most arachnid orders have transient parental care with defense of eggs, a brief period of association with newly emerged young prior to independent foraging and explosive dispersal from the natal nest.
Dr Paul Selden, an arachnid expert at the University of Manchester, was allowed special access and found the ``spider'' was in fact more crab than creepy-crawly.
A BLACK widow spider is an arachnid, not an insect (Page 14, November 21).
As the arachnid hero in the film, he had to kiss Kirsten Dunst upsidedown and, to make matters even more difficult, she had to lift up his SpiderMan mask for the smooch.
The female arachnid is now in a safer home at Stratford Butterfly Farm after two brave workers carefully caught the unwelcome visitor.
The altruistic arachnid is appearing in a special edition comic book entitled "Spider-Man: The Trial of Venom," the centerpiece of a fund- raising program mounted by the Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc.