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ARAFArabian Racing Association of Florida (Morriston, FL; track management)
ARAFAir Reserve Augmentation Flight (Royal Canadian Air Force)
ARAFArmke Rare Aquarium Fish (New Braunfels, TX)
ARAFAssociation des Responsables d'Alliance Française (French: Leaders of the Association of French Alliance)
ARAFAnti-Racism, Anti-Fascism (student guild; UK)
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As a result of this widespread inaction, the Olympic Games in London were, in a sense, sabotaged by the admission of athletes who should have not been competing, and could have been prevented from competing, were it not for the collective and inexplicable laissez-faire policy adopted by the IAAF, ARAF and RUSADA.
However, I have urged the Council to start the process of considering sanctions against ARAF.
People produce a celebrated variety of cheese in the Araf area.
And maybe that's why Kiefer continually asked the umpire Araf how much longer the match could continue with light fading badly.
We have also been asked to make it clear that Mr Araf took his life in June 2005, which was 16 months after an incident in which he left Love Heart sweets on Miss Andrews' desk after which she told him she already had a boyfriend.
In 2000 it took over ARAF, a French finn specializing in machining molds and press tooling.
Aqial Araf (36), of Clipston Road, Alum Rock, pleaded guilty to one charge ofpossessing a prohibited weapon and two charges of attempting to possess a prohibited weapon.
Air personnel are integrated into regular squadrons and wings through the Air Reserve Auxiliary Flight or ARAF.
Constables Araf Sadiq and Colin Crawford followed his Land Rover until it stopped.
Member firms will consist of both ARAF members and those of a similar confederation of accounting firms in Europe, TGI International, based in London.
O ran ein sianel ni, falle bod Dim Byd wedi cael y syniad delfrydol ar gyfer teledu araf yn barod - gwych fyddai gweld cyfres fyw o Snwcer Cefn Gwlad, lle na welwch chi ddim mwy na symud defaid amryliw ar draws caeau gwyrdd, yn cael ei amharu yn unig gyda phaneidiau traddodiadol o de.
Contract notice: Travel agency services for the movement of natural persons of the araf.