ARAMCOArabian American Oil Company (now Saudi Aramco)
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Saudi oil leadership has been insisting, for some time now, that the Aramco IPO would take place in 2018.
Saudi Aramco president and CEO Amin H Nasser said: "Saudi Aramco is going beyond the quick wins and is instead prioritizing investments in groundbreaking R&D and technology.
Saudi Aramco will participate in a range of high-level engagements and activities including an exhibit throughout the three days which form the business component of the Royal Visit, alongside other key Saudi entities.
Saudi Aramco originates impactful, innovative solutions to make its resources more dependable, sustainable, and valuable -- for the benefit of its business, Saudi Arabia, and energy consumers around the world.
The post Saudi Aramco signs up Honeywell for IIoT appeared first on Tahawul Tech.
A short-term "fire sale" of a minority stake in Saudi Aramco does not appear to be warranted by Saudi Arabia's current macroeconomic situation.
Speaking about the partnership between Saudi Aramco and Citgo - the U.
In conjunction with Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Interior, Saudi Aramco said that it uncovered a corruption case wherein an unnamed individual received improper payment for facilitating the purchase of three aircrafts.
The Anglo-Dutch company is seeking US$ 1 billion to US$ 2 billion from Aramco to compensate for the Saudi company keeping a bigger stake in the JV.
The local residents of Al-Sharqiya region where the Baqiq industrial city and the Aramco oil facilities are located confirmed huge explosions near the huge oil facilities, the Arabic-language media outlets reported on Tuesday.
Since late 2003, Saudi Aramco had signed four JV deals to explore the huge RaK: Srak (50-50 Shell/Saudi Aramco - with Total having left in February 2008); Sino Saudi Gas (SSG), a Sinopec-Saudi Aramco JV yet to find anything of value, with the Chinese company still optimistic; EniRepSa, with ENI and Repsol partnered by Saudi Aramco, still looking for a big gas reserve; and LukSar, LUKoil/Saudi Aramco, which has found gas (see their background in gmt13SaudiGeoSep24-07).
Aramco was once US-based and run by Americans but has long been a Saudi state corporation.