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ARARAAmerican Rock Art Research Association (Glendale, AZ)
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However, there were tears when the Arara bird came out for a song (another of Helen's puppets) and bird-loving Libby had to wait until the song written by Helen had finished before she could hold the puppet.
2) Bahia: Jeremoabo, Raso da Catarina, APA da Arara Azul de Lear, May 2003, S.
Marechal Thaumaturgo, basin of Rio Jurua, Rio Arara (tributary of Rio Jurua), 25 m, 9[degrees]4'13"S, 72[degrees]46'40"W, 6 May 2001, D.
In this volume she describes what she learned over the course of several years interviewing men, women, and children in Arara and other Arab villages.
Trying to present itself as a legitimate enterprise, Green Elite contractors from Taiwan and Malaysia told local media it was a "sister company" to PT Arara Abadi, the forestry arm of APP in Indonesia.
Thanks to the University of Sao Paulo and Embrapa, the Brazilian Agricultural Research Company, the Arara craft will soon be soaring over farms snapping up to 6,000 digital images a day to produce reliable and accurate surveillance of crop growth and condition, including onset of disease, pest infestation and nutritional deficiencies.
The masculinized definition of torture invokes images of extreme physical torment: hanging, grilling, the application of electrical current, pau de arara (hanging the victim from a pole by the hands and feet), telefono (smacking the victim on both ears to rupture the eardrum), etc.
Arara Abadi, allows for the protection, care and monitoring of tigers before they are released into the wild.
Bakri Hassan Salih, Sunday inaugurated projects of voluntary repatriation at Arara area in Baidha Locality in West Darfur State, which were implemented by the State of Qatar within the Project for Rehabilitation and Construction of Darfur.
1) Hyacinth Macaw Project, Instituto Arara Azul, Rua Klaus Sthurk, 178, Jardim Mansur, CEP 79051-660, Campo Grande, MS, Brazil.
CMR owns the mineral rights for the Arara Project, with occurrences of tin, niobium, tantalum, and rare-earth oxide.
At-Tubasi said that among the martyrs, 16 out of them were children, (below the age 18), and 4 females; Fayza Mohammad al-Hasouni,30, was killed in Israeli bombing while she was planting the land with her father, Haneen Kamal Abu Jalala, 16, died due to serious injuries during the recent Israeli war on Gaza, three years ago, Asel Mahmoud Mussa Arara, 4, also died due to serious injuries, and Hadeel Ahmad Haddad, 2, who died in an Israeli aircraft bombing on her house in al-Zaytoun neighbourhood in Gaza.