ARATAction Research Arm Test (motor function test)
ARATAcyl CoA (Coenzyme A): Retinol Acyl Transferase
ARATArmy Reprogramming Analysis Team
ARATAvion de Recherche Atmosphérique et de Télédétection (French)
ARATArabinofuranosylthymine (virology)
ARATAFSCN Ranking Assessment Tool
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The three main outcome measures we used for evaluating hand dexterity were the BBT, NHPT, and ARAT.
The ARAT team will be an important option available to the T/M/S team as its members work their cost and readiness degraders discovered during the Logistics Assessment.
To observe whether the results were persisting in time, follow-up evaluation of ARAT was performed at 3 mo after the end of treatment.
During pre-testing, subjects showed that motor deficits as a result of chronic stroke were stable, and ARAT and FM scores did not differ on repeated testing.
Another perceived limitation of the ARAT is that the scoring is subjective with respect to a score of 2 ('can complete the test but takes abnormally long or has great difficulty') or 3 ('movement performed normally').
ARATS was set up and has been authorized by Beijing to liaise with its counterpart in Taiwan -- the Straits Exchange Foundation -- and other relevant nongovernmental bodies on the island to handle issues related to protecting the interests of people on both sides and promoting cross-straits relations.
ARATS Executive Vice-President Zheng Lizhong said the ECFA will be a landmark in cross-Straits relations, signaling a new stage in the ARATS-SEF talks.
The ARATS and SEF delegations, joined by officials from Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs who led the negotiations, met Monday afternoon to discuss Tuesday's business that will include a morning session to approve the document and an afternoon signing ceremony.
Speaking at the same news conference, ARATS Vice President Zheng Lizhong affirmed Kao's remarks, saying, ''Both sides have an interest in an ECFA, and views and opinions to be exchanged will definitely be positive.
Protesters plan to shadow ARATS chief Chen Yunlin, who is scheduled to arrive Monday, throughout his five-day visit to the island.
The ARATS and SEF are authorized by the mainland and Taiwan to handle cross-Strait exchanges.