ARATAction Research Arm Test (motor function test)
ARATAcyl CoA (Coenzyme A): Retinol Acyl Transferase
ARATArmy Reprogramming Analysis Team
ARATAvion de Recherche Atmosphérique et de Télédétection (French)
ARATArabinofuranosylthymine (virology)
ARATAFSCN Ranking Assessment Tool
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13] SRT, CRT, BI, 9HPT, NIHSS, MI, ARAT, grip strength, AMT, RMT, MEP amplitude Di Lazzaro et al.
Although the ARAT sub-test number 2 study endpoint was not met as some responses came later than the three-month target, the result is nonetheless highly encouraging.
To observe whether the results were persisting in time, follow-up evaluation of ARAT was performed at 3 mo after the end of treatment.
During pre-testing, subjects showed that motor deficits as a result of chronic stroke were stable, and ARAT and FM scores did not differ on repeated testing.
Another perceived limitation of the ARAT is that the scoring is subjective with respect to a score of 2 ('can complete the test but takes abnormally long or has great difficulty') or 3 ('movement performed normally').
Although AFIWC manages the USELMS database for the DoD, ARAT manages the maintenance of Army systems, ensuring the most up-to-date information is contained in the database.
When testing is complete, EWG and ARAT personnel let the units know, by sending out a Reprogramming Impact Message (RIM), that the new mission data resides on the MSEWDDS, waiting to be downloaded.
The psychometric characteristics of the ARAT have been rarely explored.
They reported that the BBT had high test-retest reliability and good construct validity, as shown by significant correlations between the BBT, ARAT, and functional independence measures.
ARATS sent a letter to the SEF on November 16, 1992, reiterating this agreement.
SEF Vice-Chairman Kao Koong-lian said that negotiators reached the consensus at a preparatory consultation held in Taipei between the ARATS and SEF on Thursday morning to fix the details for the coming talks.
In a welcoming ceremony at their hotel in Chongqing, ARATS head Chen Yunlin told more than 100 reporters that 12 agreements reached between the two sides over recent years reflect ''peaceful cross-strait development,'' and that Chinese people everywhere, as well as the rest of the world, are watching events unfold.