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But to its credit, Arax offered the largest portions.
6) Although Arax, "a collision of cultures" (85), publicly praises mainstream America (84), her culinary acts speak louder than her words, becoming "part of the way she define[s] herself in the wake of the Armenian past and the suburban present" (49).
Arax and the Los Angeles Times spending one year on "The Summer of the Death of Hilario Guzman.
Arax and Wartzman tell their story with irresistible energy and style; who would have thought a book on cotton farming could be a page-turner?
For a fascinating biography of another Central Valley entrepreneur who now owns the nation's largest farm and, in the process of creating it, drained Tulare Lake, second only to Lake Tahoe in size, and left enormous environmental destruction in his wake, see Mark Arax and Rick Wartzman's The King of California: J.
Armenia is still hoping that a 140-km pipeline will eventually be built from Tabriz to the Arax River, which forms the border between the two countries.
State Initiatives to Promote Early Learning: Next Steps in Coordinating Subsidized Child Care, Head Start and State Prekindergarten" by the Center for Law and Social Policy is available by calling Anya Arax at (202) 906-8031.
You don't see all the Armenians in one corner, all the Asians in one corner, all the Hispanics in one corner,'' said Arax Gevorgyan, who is a sophomore.
Au fleuve de son nom, hors d'espoir s'esr jette:/Tournd en l'herhe Arax.
Wallace 1926 Miss Marian Borros 1926 Miss Anna Bray 1926 Miss Arax M.
There have also been discussions about the usefulness of implementing such policies in other cities (see Arax, 1994; Turner & Reichman, 1995).