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ARBAir Resources Board (US EPA)
ARBAdministrative Review Board (US DoL)
ARBAir Reserve Base
ARBAnti-Roll Bar
ARBAngiotensin Receptor Blocker (hypertension drug)
ARBArchitecture Review Board
ARBArbitron (Music, formerly American Research Bureau)
ARBAngiotensin II Receptor Blocker
ARBAccounting Research Bulletins
ARBAutomated Recurring Billing (merchant solution)
ARBAmerican Repertory Ballet (Princeton, New Jersey)
ARBAmanah Raya Berhad
ARBAttack Reconnaissance Battalion
ARBAmerican Research Bureau
ARBArmee Revolutionnaire Bretonne (French: Breton Revolutionary Army)
ARBAdaptive Rate Based
ARBAcquisition Review Board
ARBAcadémie Royale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux-Arts de Belgique (French: Royal Academy of Sciences, Humanities and Fine Arts of Belgium; Belgium)
ARBAcademic Review Board
ARBArchitect's Registration Board (UK)
ARBBattle Damage Repair Ship
ARBAssessment Resource Bank
ARBAdvertising Review Board
ARBAnomaly Review Board
ARBAutodesk Revit Building
ARBApplication Review Board
ARBAssociation des Amis de Robert Brasillach (French: Association of Friends of Robert Brasillach; Switzerland)
ARBArmored Reconnaissance Battalion (US Army and Marine Corps)
ARBAsset Recovery Business
ARBAutomatic Reading and Billing
ARBAccreditation Review Board
ARBArtificial Recognition Ball
ARBArmy Resume Builder (US Army)
ARBAssociation des Réseaux Bronchiolite (French: Bronchiolitis Networks Association)
ARBArmored Rifle Battalion
ARBAccident Report Book
ARBAllegation Review Board
ARBAdvisory Review Board
ARBAccommodation Review Board
ARBArmy Resource Board
ARBAward Review Board (government contracting)
ARBAward Review Board
ARBassign receive bypass lists (US DoD)
ARBalternate recovery base (US DoD)
ARBAccounting Review Bulletin (GAAP)
ARBAircraft Review Board
ARBAnalysis Review Board
ARBAsociación de Radio Banda (Radio Band Association, Guatemala)
ARBAnomaly Response Board
ARBAmerican Royal Barbecue
ARBArtisans Réunis du Bois (French: Gathered Wood Craftsmen)
ARBAudit Resolution Branch (US Department of Education)
ARBAgno River Basin (Philippines)
ARBAccess-Related Bacteremia (infection)
ARBAlternate Reconstitution Bases
ARBAnn Arbor, Michigan - Municipal (airport code)
ARBArab Reform Bulletin (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)
ARBAttendance Review Board
ARBArchives Rare Books (University of Cincinnati; OH)
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Following submission of its comments, ACA was alerted by ARB staff that the board would require some time before they could respond to ACA's comments as well as those of others.
For the secondary outcome of the occurrence of specific solid organ cancers, the "meta-analysis showed an increase in relative risk for the occurrence of new lung cancer in patients randomized to an ARB compared with control," the authors wrote.
2% of patients taking ARBs were diagnosed with a new cancer over a period of four years compared with 6% of patients not treated with the drugs.
Staff reviewed individual companies' financial records and conducted numerous workshops to discuss the cost of the regulation as well as impacts on individual businesses," said the ARB press announcement.
Information about qualifying vehicles is listed on the ARB website at http://www.
The ARB staff recommended keeping the current one-hour standard, which is designed to protect people from ozone spikes, at 0.
The auto industry has conducted a public relations blitz in California that some credit with persuading ARB to back down.
The most up-to-date South African Hypertension Guideline [4] includes a consensus statement on the use of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEIs) and angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) for the management of hypertension, stating that the choice of therapy for either an ACEI or an ARB should be based on cost and tolerability.
In the second phase, ARB will add more features such as iPhone/iPad apps, the more advanced E-trade Plus, and a customer standalone my-port system.
ARB has indicated that aerosol coatings make up 30 tons per day of VOC emissions while aerosol adhesives only contribute 1.
In July 2010, the FDA reported that a safety review of ARBs would be performed after a published study found a small increased risk of cancer in patients taking an ARB compared to those patients not taking an ARB.
Until regulators review the possible association between ARB use and cancer and report their findings, we should use ARBs, particularly telmisartan, with greater caution.