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A/IAccident Investigation
A/IAdsorption Isotherm
A/IAircraft Inspector (also seen as AI)
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The ARC/INFO Network analysis module requires that the demand within the network system (i.
It can retrieve data via ftp protocol and manage it in a local cache, and it can work with ARC/INFO, ArcView or a RDBMS through GTI's Internet server product, GTI-Gateway.
ESRI and ARC/INFO are registered trademarks of Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.
ESRI will market ENCAD's NOVAJET printer/plotters to commercial and government users of ARC/INFO, the world's leading GIS software.
The first product, S-PLUS for ARC/INFO, provides data analysis for ESRI's ARC/INFO, the leading geographical information system (GIS), which is used for such geographic-based applications as facility management, oil exploration, retail site analysis and direct mail targeting.
Data integration has been expanded with the addition of import/export of ESRI ARC/INFO Coverages and enhanced support for Microstation DGN and other file formats supported in Release 1.
0, an automatic vectorizing engine seamlessly integrated within ESRI's ARC/INFO geographic information system, will be released for customer shipment on or before Dec.
Sedona GeoServices intends to leverage this extensive resource to develop the next generation of open-client geoprocessing application and data management software to utilize ESRI's ARC/INFO and SDE technologies.
ESRI software includes ARC/INFO, a GIS tool for advanced applications; ArcView, a desktop GIS and mapping solution; Spatial Database Engine, a high-performance, object-oriented spatial database that provides rapid access to stored geographic data; and MapObjects, ESRI's OLE Control and a collection of more than 35 programmable OLE Automation objects.
ESRI), Monday announced support for its ARC/INFO GIS software on Digital's Alpha Systems for the Microsoft(r) Windows NT(r) environment.
19, 1995-- Hewlett-Packard Company today announced that its HP 9000 workstations and X stations are being bundled with Environmental Systems Research Institute's (ESRI) ARC/INFO geographic information system (GIS) software.
ESRI, ARC/INFO and ArcView are registered trademarks of Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.