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ARCADEAbsolute Radiometer for Cosmology, Astrophysics, and Diffuse Emission (US NASA)
ARCADEArchitecture for Reusable Courseware Authoring and Delivery (Sofia University; Bulgaria)
ARCADEAutomatized Reading Comprehension and Diagnostic Evaluation
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They crossed our very path under the arcade Saint-Jean.
A hansom was procured with such precaution as would prevent its being one which was placed ready for us, and I drove immediately after breakfast to the Lowther Arcade, through which I hurried at the top of my speed.
As soon as he had turned his back, Lucy arose with the running of a maniac and stole down the arcade towards the Arno.
The officer in the scarf dismounted, called up a drummer, and went with him into the arcade.
We went to the Lowther Arcade for the rocking-horse.
The houses were practically all two-storied structures, the upper stories flush with the street while the walls of the first story were set back some ten feet, a series of simple columns and arches supporting the front of the second story and forming an arcade on either side of the narrow thoroughfare.
I accompanied him to the east arcade where the red dawn was glowing beyond the arches.
They walked down the long grassy arcade towards the stranger, who was sitting on a gray slab under an enormous willow.
Seeders had finished his weakfish he got up, put his arm around Tildy's waist, kissed her loudly and impudently, walked out upon the street, snapped his fingers in the direction of the laundry, and hied himself to play pennies in the slot machines at the Amusement Arcade.
Varenka, in her dark dress, in a black hat with a turndown brim, was walking up and down the whole length of the arcade with a blind Frenchwoman, and, every time she met Kitty, they exchanged friendly glances.
When I first descended into the cabin of the New York, it looked, in my unaccustomed eyes, about as long as the Burlington Arcade.
A hard bed the pavement of its Arcade used to make, I assure you.