ARCALAircraft Radio Control of Aerodrome Lighting
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Mr Luis Carlos Longoria Gndara, Director of the Division for Latin America and the Caribbean at the Department of Technical Cooperation at the IAEA, commended the collaboration between the Agency and ARCAL, which has significantly supported the development of the Latin American and Caribbean region on the basis of the different applications of nuclear technology.
The approval of the Plan of Activities for 2017, encompassing all the regional events and activities in the region under the ARCAL projects.
The approval of the ARCAL programme of projects for the Technical Cooperation Cycle 2018 2019, which will be submitted to the ARCAL Board of Representatives (ORA) at its next session.
we present these ideas, just like the other countries and if there is a consensus, that is, if there is a minimum of four countries that have presented similar projects in the area, they get together and move forward (interview with ARCAL liaison for Argentina.
The data from AFRA, ARCAL and RCA projects allows us to map the relative proximity of different countries and agencies, a critical first step to visualize collaboration, partner selection and homophily trends.
97%, which should yield a corresponding 17% increase in the odds-ratio of collaborating in ARCAL projects.
This phantom is an optimization of the original prototypes developed during the ARCAL project [6], which involved the calibration of the detectors with a thyroid phantom containing [sup.
6] Organismo Internacional de Energia Atomica OIEA, <<Proyecto ARCAL 011.
The representatives of Mexico highlighted the importance of South - South Cooperation and the collaboration between developing countries in the region focused on the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Objectives, for which ARCAL 's projects make an important contribution.
During this week ARCAL representatives will carry out work for the preparation of the technical cooperation program for the 2020-2021 cycle, presentations of the activities carried out in 2016 and sessions in the working groups around the; Procedures manual, plan of activities, monitoring and evaluation of projects, strategy and communication plan, and those topics that the countries consider relevant within the activities of the Agreement.
This meeting was held in line with the joint efforts of the ARCAL Regional Agreement and the Department of Technical Cooperation for the preparation of a high quality 20182019 technical cooperation programme.
ARCAL proposals derive from the regional needs and priorities identified in the ARCAL Regional Strategic Profile for Latin America and the Caribbean (RSP) 20162021.