ARCBSAustralian Red Cross Blood Service
ARCBSAmerican Red Cross Biomedical Services
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The consolidated organizational information enabled by Informatica is helping us maintain that distinction in the face of growing demand," said Magdalena Wheatland, national quality and systems manager at ARCBS.
The ARCBS data warehouse project was driven by Informatica distributor, Management Information Principles Pty Ltd.
Healthcare and other public service entities like ARCBS are under extreme pressure from all sides to optimize performance, closely manage costs and comply with mounting legislative demands," said Paul Albright, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Informatica.
ARCBS is an operating division of the Australian Red Cross Society and has an annual national budget of approximately AU$237 million.
The ARCBS is the nation's preeminent provider of blood services, serving more than 3,000 hospitals through the generous donations of some 22,000 people daily.
Optimization of bandwidth management is the bottom line objective," said Peter Landers, National Network Administrator for the ARCBS, a not-for-profit government organization.
The ARCBS deployment is significant for Packeteer because it represents one of the greatest strengths of the PacketShaper product line -- return on investment," said Bob Jones, Australian territory sales manager for Packeteer.
After analyzing its Internet traffic by individual application, the ARCBS decided to severely limit or even discard some -- such as peer-to-peer file sharing applications like Gnutella and streaming media such as RealAudio -- that did not perpetuate its mission and it could not, therefore, afford.
It's yet another avenue for us to explore, in providing the safest possible blood to the American people," said Geoffrey Deutsch, Vice President Business Development of the ARCBS.