ARCBSAustralian Red Cross Blood Service
ARCBSAmerican Red Cross Biomedical Services
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Review of 397 blood-donation records randomly sampled from records of the 12,221 donors of blood to the ARCBS during the study period indicated that 15 (3.
The ARCBS and the NYBC screened donors with the licensed Abbott (*) (North Chicago, Illinois) and Dupont/Biotech (Wilmington, Delaware) whole-virus lysate HIV-1 EIAs, respectively.
Twenty-six blinded HIV-2-positive control specimens (1) 141 HIV-1 EIA-negative control specimens, and 2415 specimens from ARCBS and NYBC that tested repeatedly reactive by the HIV-2 EIA were sent to CDC for further testing with investigational HIV-1 and HIV-2 EIA peptide assays (Genetic Systems, Seattle, Washington).
The ARCBS is the nation's preeminent provider of blood services, serving more than 3,000 hospitals through the generous donations of some 22,000 people daily.